Welcome to Santa Ynes Valley! I got the opportunity to illustrate this awesome book written by Jenifer Sanregret, ab ABC of a unique city called Santa Ynes Valley, located in California's central coast, is more than wine country. Santa Ynes Valley is also home to majestic trees and rolling farmland, with vaulting mountains in the background and the sunny beach around the corner. In these magical layers of the past and present, we will take a journey together to find amazing places to explore.

Done entirely by watercolor and colored pencils, this book is full of my love and heart (and some cameos of myself and my dog chichirila).
Karla's cover version.
A is for Aelbeskiver, a popular Danish treat. -  B is for Ballard, the smallest of the towns.
C is for Carriage—that was the transportation in the olden days.- D is for the Deorant Cedar, the trees lined up in Buellton.
E is for Equestrian, which means “horseback riding” in Latin. - F is for the Farmers Market—the valley has one each week, rain or shine.
G is for the Gliders that coasts through the sky. - H is for Hot air balloon, another motorless aircraft.
I is for Ice Cream. In Solvang you can find a shop at every corner. - J is for Jule Fest, pronounced “yool"-
K is for Klopen, the wooden Dutch shoes. - L is for Los Olivos—Spanish for "the olives" is what it means.
M is for, the Mission Santa Ines that was built in 1804. - N is for Nojoqui Falls, pronounced "NAH-ho-wee."
O is for Ostrich, a giant, flightless bird. - P is for Poppy—California assigned it as the state flower in 1903.
Q is for Quail, the California state bird. - R is for the Rockets that launch way up high.
S is for Solvang's windmills; there are a total of four. - T is for Tarantulas, a large and peaceful spider.
U is for Up; a reminder to look! - V is for Viking, historically known as fierce explorers.
W is for Walnut trees. There are several orchards in this county. - X is for Xus, pronounced “hoos".
Y is for Yellow Mustard, a vibrant yellow flower. - Z if for Zaca, a word that means “quiet place".
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