Fig 01. Shot of the subject of interest eating a peach. 
(Paris, 2022)

My Name is Karla Dueñas (as you can read pretty much everywhere in this site). Im a Mexican artist living in Rome. Since I can remember I like to draw and sing, sometimes at the same time.
I studied Animation in Guadalajara and graduated in 2012, after working for a few animation studios and advertising agencies I discovered that my passion was to illustrate and so in May 2016 I decided to go freelance and after a few years, in 2019-2020 studied the Ars In Fabula Master, a Master in editorial illustration.
Illustration, drawing and animation has always been my native language not just my job. It’s the only way i’ve known for communicate, express my feelings and face reality.
Hope you like my work! 

With love, Karla.

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